About My Journey

Hi everyone (here's hoping that's more than one!)

Okay, I know that 39 and Growing would have been cuter but you'll forgive me (I hope) for not adding the year just yet.

So, I'm a very lucky mom who has a wonderful family. I am truly blessed by that but like many of my generation (named X????) I look up and wonder, is this it? I am 38 and feel that I am starting over in many ways. I'm an actress that hasn't been on stage in eight years. As a mom, I wonder is there time to start again or is it time to simply fuel the dreams of my children.

I think about the things I haven't done in my life and considered naming this blog "Traci Tries It!". Then my husband smartly reminded me that I might receive suggestions of less than the constructive sort.

So, here is my go at the next stage of my life -- not quite forty but definitely not twenty. I'm going to try things, talk about them. Talk about my successes, my failures, and my fears. I hope this is a dialogue. I hope to hear from you. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

I will try to post every day. But if I miss a day, again I beg indulgence -- I have two children under six. Here's to a great year and a great conversation.