Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day Thirty - One

Well, I'm really glad that I completed two challenges in the first week because I am still working on the book. It's a great read (Dark Victory) but not an easy read especially with two children.. I will continue this task as I take on another.

This week I am going to choose a recipe and master it. Now for those you not in the know -- if I cook, which is not often, it always involves boxes. But I am going to choose a recipe (I've heard these things are readily available in books and on the Internet), attempt it and re-attempt it until it is not only edible but enjoyable. Fingers crossed. I have checked the batteries in the smoke detector and confirmed the location of the fire extinguisher.

Back to Dark Victory. It is a searing portrait of a fatally flawed, if stunningly talented and beautiful woman. Her painful childhood may have helped mold her but she was pure self-creation. Yankee Puritan turned Hollywood vixen. Married multiple times, she burned as many bridges as she crossed. It really was the perfect book to choose for this journey, however, because while she climbed many of the mountains that I have wanted to climb, I would never want to be her. It really helps me put these questions in perspective. So I toast you, Bette Davis, but I wouldn't want to be you. I celebrate your work but I celebrate my family. I learn from our story while writing my own. Salut!


Amira said...

It may be a bit like the blind leading the blind, but how about we cook something together at my house? We can choose something I know how to cook that I can teach you to make or something entirely new, and I'm across the street from a grocery store! Eh? :)

Traci said...

Oh, Amira. You are my friend and possibly my savior! I am so up for that. Thanks, chick-a-dee.

Claudya Martinez said...

If you are not a vegetarian you should try to master roasting a chicken because you can do so m any things with roasted chicken.

Traci said...

I am not vegetarian and I like chicken so I am up for the Chicken challenge!