Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Thirty - Seven

Hey! What happened to Day Thirty - Six you say? Good question. Can't say I have a good answer which is ironic because my husband and I had a long talk about living more consciously. We also had a terrific conversation about appreciating our life "just as it is". In the world of celeb culture, we are inundated with messages telling us that unless we are wearing $800 sunglasses to hide the bags we developed from jet-setting, we are somehow not living exciting lives. Well anyone who is dodged infant projectile vomiting knows what real excitement is. But really, where is the value of working hard at your job (whether you love it or not), having quality relationships with friends, family, and partners, and just being? I think that there is an inherent value to just being in this world. Whether you live on Park Avenue or in a trailer park, whether you are yelling no pictures at the paparazzi or you are yelling no pictures at your toddler who grabbed your digital camera, whether your bag is Isaac Mizrahi or Mizrahi for Target. Life is good. And we should live it fully wherever we are, NOT in the shadow of a culture that's keeping up with the Kardashians.