Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Seventy - Four or Excuse My Rant

Okay, folks. I am providing full warning. I am about to rant. It has nothing to do with my growth, being a mommy, or anything otherwise apropos to my blog. But I really need to rant!!!!

People. People. People. Do not take little kids to scary movies!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I rarely get to see a film that does not involve food-related weather, superhero animals, or singing chipmunks. So when we have a babysitter opportunity and get to see adult films (not porno -- minds out of sewer, people) we jump at the chance.

Now we had heard all the buzz about "Paranormal Activity" and as we were staying with my parents and the kids wanted to have grandparent time, we saw our opportunity. We embarked upon our "adult time" evening.

We buy our tickets. Although it is a school night, we notice a lot of kids but we assumed that they were attending either "Astro Boy" or the new Jim Carrey "Christmas Carol". Oh how naive were we!

We barely made the film in time, so we hustled into the theater. While it was already dark, we could see not one little head but easily ten little heads. What the fudgesicle pop?

This film has been advertised as the scariest movie ever. (I didn't necessarily agree but that's another story.) Five and six year-olds have no business seeing this film! Not only is it rude to the other people in the theater -- screaming children, escorting them out and then dragging them back in ?!?!? -- but what are they doing to the kids? I cannot imagine the nightmares that happened that night or tonight for that matter.

Get a sitter, people. If you can't, wait for the DVD. I know sitters cause money. That's why my husband and I rarely get a date night. We do not impose our children on other's date nights so please do us the same respect. But most importantly, do not do that to your kids.

Okay, rant is over. We will now resume normal programming.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I couldn't agree with you more! Some parents are just plain selfish and stupid!

mommakin said...

Yep. It's just one of those sacrifices that you have to make when you're a parent. You don't get to see everything you want to see. Suck it up.

We take our kids to rock concerts - started when the youngest was around 10. They wear ear plugs. I was at an outdoor music festival a couple summers ago and there was a woman drinking a beer and chatting with friends while her baby laid in it's car carrier ON TOP OF A SPEAKER! I was so outraged I couldn't see straight.

Mama-Face said...

I've seen this too often as well. It has to desensitize the children at some level. That's the last thing we need. More ranting needs to heard on this subject.

good post.

Tracie said...

That is one of my peeves, as well. I don't know what is wrong with parents???? I didn't even take my kids to Where The Wild Things Are because it was supposed to be scary for little kids.

Claudya Martinez said...

What is wrong with people?! Argh! Take the kids to a movie you can't stand. It's not right.

Mandee said...

Wow! I would NEVER EVER EVER take my kids to a movie like that! You have every right to be annoyed. Why are people like this? I just don't understand parenting these days. It's like people are more concerned about themselves. Grrrrrr

beth said...

my 18 year old said it was really scary... and he loves and has seen many scary movies...but I agree with you...that movie is/was not meant for little kids....AT ALL !