Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 102 or I Comment Therefore I Am

Unknown Mami

In honor of my dear, dear blog-buddy, Unknown Mami, I am participating in I Comment, Therefore I Am. Now, UM is the queen of comments and I am not sure that these are worthy but wherever UM is I want to be so here goes…

Blog Ignoramous

Mama Face at Blog-Ignoramus wrote about her blogging addiction in “I Like to Blog and I Cannot Lie“. And her contemplation of leaving the cyber-world for the Real World. This was my response:

You better not quit! I love your blog, your posts, your use of words like gobbledegook. I also love that you leave beautiful comments on my blog. I would definitely miss you.

That said, my husband is starting to wonder why I complain about being tired and then stay up all night on the laptop. Writing and reading.

Oh well, blog is the new crack. :-)

I love Tammy over at Keep in Touch with Mommakin and below are comments for two different posts. The first was called, “Single Tasking in a Multi-Tasking World”. It expressed her frustration with bad customer service in the name of multi-tasking. I responded…

P.S. I am in total agreement about the customer service. She may have had to split her attention to you but she shouldn't have celebrated that. I have spent many a year behind a retail counter and I actually took pride in making a connection with my customer. And if I had to be distracted, I would have said "excuse me" and "I'm sorry". Oh well, here's to us hold-outs. :-)

And Tammy and I have an affinity for music. Well, she confessed her love for man on the steel horse in “Bon Jovi Mom”.

He IS very good-looking. I think he is getting better everyday (you know like wine). So keep riding your Steel Horse.

And never regret the acid-washed paper-bag jeans. At least, no one saw our rears when we sat down!

Finally, Nancy at If Evolution Really Works told us about her dream gigs as a part of a focus group. This was my comment.

Somebody PLEASE pay me to eat ice cream Is that what heaven is like? Is there somebody who would pay me to get pedicures??? While being paid to eat chocolate and paid to drink red wine? Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is HEAVEN.

So, there you go. I definitely comment so I guess I am.


Joanna Jenkins said...

"Gobbledegook" is a GREAT word! I haven't heard it in years but I'll be using it myself soon.

And I LOVE Tammy at Mommakins :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Formerly known as Frau said...

All great bloggers and comments. I read blog in the early morning at O'crack Thirty and wish I was as witty as you all.

Anonymous said...

Traci, your comments are priceless!!. My favourite the last one.
love and hugs


Unknown said...

I am gonna have to try and do this one day...if I ever get caught up...

A couple of those blogs are new to me I will have to check them out

Mandee said...

Great comments! I wish I had the job of eating ice cream and getting pedicures and being paid for it too! What a job! :)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Huh? I'm lost, but now I'll have to read those other blogs to get me up to speed.

Isn't it true? We need to start a bloggers anonymous. It is my new crack of choice as well (since last week). Me, who hates computers because I'm not computer savvy. Now my husband is voicing LOUDLY, "Get off the computer" and I sneak downstairs to use the one in our family room while he's studying.

May said...

I am laughing at the comment "Blogging is the new crack". Classic. I may swipe it on you :)

Andrea said...

"That said, my husband is starting to wonder why I complain about being tired and then stay up all night on the laptop. Writing and reading.

Oh well, blog is the new crack. :-)"

This is my life. We are twins! ;)

Nancy C said...

What if you were reading blogs while getting a pedicure?

The Absence of Alternatives said...

Yeah girl! Stand up and be counted! ;-) Yeah, it is an addiction to me as well. I wonder whether we should just ask people that visit our blogs WHO is NOT addicted, and pay them for whatever meds they are using...

Claudya Martinez said...

See I love this because it calls attentiiont o the blogs that inspired the comments.

Well done, my friend, well done.

Unknown Papi asked me to come to bed early tonight and I shook my head as I said, "Can't do it, gotta get my blog on."

Tracie said...

Blog IS the new crack!!! At least it's free and legal.

The Absence of Alternatives said...

I love this: "That said, my husband is starting to wonder why I complain about being tired and then stay up all night on the laptop. Writing and reading.

Oh well, blog is the new crack. :-)"

LOL. Same here. I feel like I am a crack whore.

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