Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 179 or I Had a Dream that Yes, I Can!

You know, we all have seen moments in history when sometfhing changed. A group of people come together behind a dream and there is a magic, a singular beauty to that place in time. There is a sense of being part of something momentous.

I think we all desire to be a part of a day like that. At the top of the wave moving with strength and power towards the shore. Rolling amongst thousands of like minded souls to the inevitable future success.

Well, how about being at the heart of such a moment? The person with the vision that brings that passion. Does it even have to be on a global scale? What if you had the moment for your life? Can you visualize yourself giving your passion, your life that kind of power?

That's what I want. I want to have that moment for my life. And I feel like there is an energy, a momentum moving that way. And with this blog, I have to say that I don't feel like I'm riding this wave alone. I feel you coming on my journey. And no, it is no March on Selma, but it is my march. My march for my life. And who says that changing my life won't change the world?

So what's your passion? Do you have a dream that you can see with such clarity that you can say "Yes, I can". Because you may not know it, but it could be you that changes the world.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for stopping by today and I am now following.

Mary said...

Love it!!! Great posted and yes I totally feel the same way.

Mary said...
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Nancy C said...

I want to be a person who is remembered for her kindness and grace, not her compulsions and frustrations. Daily process.

chitra said...

Traci, Loved your words in the post. Very well expressed. My dream is to become a compassionate person and do something for the humanity so that I would feel 'YES' I have also contributed something.

Robin said...

I hope that we all change the world in a small but meaningful way..and yes I have had those kinds of goals and dreams..some have fallen to the wayside and others I have achieved..right now Im just kinda riding the wave..enjoying the days and keeping things fun and simple..I know that will change again and some new venture will inspire me..and Ill be off...that sounds like where you are heading, and that is very exciting...Ill happy to be a part of your journey and am looking forward to hearing about it all.!