Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 224 or It's Friday, It's Fragmented, and It's a Party

Hi guys. Settle in. This is a long one.

Mrs. 4444 hosts Friday Fragments over at her beautiful blog, Half Past Kissin' Time. It's a great opportunity to put voice to all those little things running around in your head that may not make a full post on their own.

Mommy's Idea

First, my son and I had a date last night. We went to see "How to Train Your Dragon". It was a wonderful time just Mommy and Sonny-Bunny. (It was also a great film. You can check out my take over at my other site. Yes, I know shameless self-promotion.) At the end of the evening, during cuddle time, he grabbed my neck and whispered, "I just love you so much". Oh!!! Kill me now. So sweet!

Secondly, yesterday would have been my father-in-law's birthday. This weekend we are going to have a celebration of his life. This was my mother-in-law's wish and I so admire it. We had a very small graveside ceremony and no funeral. Instead, she wanted some time to pass and then use his birthday as a way to remember the whole of his life not the last few minutes when he passed. I can't even conceive of a day wherein I have to think of these things so I applaud her strength and the fortitude of her love.

We have all been watching the mine tragedy playing out in West Virginia. Along with my heartbreak for the families, I have really thought about coal-mining. We so often take so much for granted. I flick a switch and light comes on. Do I think about a man sweating his way through the dark, doing hard, dirty work? No. I sit here crying for them now but do I make judgments on these people -- culturally, politically, philosophically? Yes (she says ashamedly). These people give me convenience and safety and I have never appreciated that. I have never appreciated their contribution not just to society but to MY life. So I say thank you to them. Thank you for givng my world ease and thank you for doing a dangerous job that I would not do. And thank you for opening my eyes to the world I live in. I will try harder to appreciate everyone in this society. Everyone's contribution. Everyone.

Finally, I have been thinking a lot about this blog. How I started typing at night and screamed in joy when I found a comment waiting for me the next morning. And this did not happen every morning. Now I regularly find multiple fabulous comments waiting for me. Some from places I have only dreamed of -- Greece, India, Alberta, CA -- and from all over this country. Most are fellow moms, but not all. There are even a couple of men out there. I have loved this. It has carried me many a day. But it has changed this blog. And changed me.

I started this blog to get to the heart of me. And having friends has helped carry me, yes. Oh yes. In fact, hell to the yes. I'm not sure that I would still be writing if you guys didn't keep coming. It doesn't just provide support. It makes me accountable. Which trust me is soooo IMPORTANT (Said in a sing-song voice!)

And it has been fun! I am normally shy but online I feel able to express myself and go visit others. I have made so many friends. And I am not using the term friends lightly. I have made FRIENDS. Get in an RV and drive thousands of miles to share a cup of coffee friends.

But sometimes I get so lost in the fun, that I'm not sure I am pushing myself which was the point of this blog. So I am trying to learn the balance of the party that is a blog and challenging myself as a writer and a person. Please bear with me as I struggle with this. Hold my feet to the fire. My countdown is quickly ticking away and I want to make the most of my remaining three months.

All that said, the Today show had an article about parenting blogs and how some people are nasty. WHAT??? I am so thankful that aside from a few offers for fake Viagra, I have had NOTHING but the sweetest, funniest, most supportive comments!!! Thank you. I love every comment (aside from the aforementioned SPAM) that I have received. Every single one has touched me. I don't know how I got so fortunate but my world is better because of you.

That's why I participate in the fun stuff. I love meeting other people out there. Sharing in their journeys. Having them share in mine. That's why I am participating in The Ultimate Blog Party 2010 hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. Because we should celebrate all we do. I know that some people underestimate the power of blogging -- especially Mommy blogging -- but I know that it is a strong community filled with great people trying to reach beyond the walls of their home. So celebrate! Celebrate yourself. Celebrate bloggers. Celebrate blogging!

So whie I am re-committing to the heart of my blog, I still want to have some serious fun! The point of the party is to share your blog and share yourself. Later I will post sharing a little about me, my purpose for the blog, and where I want to go. But I am pretty sure that I have OVERWHELMED you guys with this post. So have a great Friday.

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Thanks again to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments and 5 Minutes for Mom for the party!


Auntie E said...

I'm loving this UBP. glad to meet you. I will join you so I can visit often.

Jenn said...

Party time! Glad to see you are part of UBP!!

Mom Blogger Cash Prize Contest for

Nancy C said...

It can be a struggle. I love comments as well, and I need to remember that I'm writing to document moments in my sons' lives, not just to get lots of comments.

Beautiful thoughts on the miners. When we traveled to West VA in October, the reality of that lifestyle became much more powerful.

Momstart said...

I'm glad you're here for the party, I really need to re-commit to passion and heart in my blog.

Looking forward to coming by again!

Melani said...

Love the story about spending time with your son! So very cute! Sometimes our kids say the darndest things that make our hearts melt!

BONNIE K said...

I like posts that are just little snippets of life! So I enjoyed this, and I enjoyed reading you in general. And the celebration of life concept is the best way I know to honor someone.

Mama-Face said...

You are one of the best things about blogging for me. Your spirit shines through your words & I find myself nodding my head in agreement with you so often it's scary. Good scary.

I've got to check out the blog party. I'm an old mom, but I love a good party now and then. :)

you rock.

LivinOurDash said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the UBP and am your newest follower! I love what you said about the miners. My husband works at a coal mine (thankfully he's on the surface most of the time) and my heart really goes out to all of those families. I'm a newbie blogger and also appreciate what you've said about what your blog is about and people's comments. Enjoy the party!

Kaye Swain said...

Hi, I'm a Sandwich Generation grandmother of twins and a wide variety of other cutie pie grandkids. I stopped by to visit for the 2010 Ultimate Blog Party and I"m so glad I did. I enjoyed reading your post AND hearing about the dragon movie. McDonald's has been giving away dragons for their Happy Meals so my grandchildren on both coasts were thrilled to get some and I wondered how the movie was. We'll definitely have to check it out. Have a blessed week! :)

Aditya said...
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chitra said...

Again a nice post. Shows how much concern you have about others when you mention about the mine incident.
Love to be here my friend

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Such a nice post. So generous of you to share this with us, a truly loving individual, your concern shines.

Carolee Hollenback said...

Howdy there-nice to meet you!

I'm visiting from Friday Fragments, but will be hopping over to the UBP when I'm done with my Friday Frags.

Had a ball visiting TONS of blogs during the UBP last year!

P.S My blogs change focus all the time- or do I?

Momma T said...

I enjoyed my visit. I am also enjoying UBP. I understand the whole thing of being on a new journey. It keeps life wonderful. I have been blessed with 41 yrs. of ever changing journeys or growth.

mommakin said...

You KNOW how I feel about all the bloggy business...

My grandpa was a coal miner. My mom grew up in a coal mining town. It is a difficult and dangerous job that is undervalued and - as you said - often ignored. Thank you for thinking not only of the tragedy, but of the folks who do this thankless work.


Tamara B. said...

Cruising over from the UBP to say hi :)

Mrs4444 said...

Not overwhelming at all (your post). I agree with so much of what you wrote, but especially about the friends I've made though blogging; it's been so great!

Great points on the coal miners, too.

Love, love, love your little boy's heart-filled comment. Sooo sweet.

Kim Dettmer said...

Found you at the party! I so understand the 38 - now 39 and growing and trying things out before turning 40. I just turned 40 and it feels like such a milestone - a good one, but a big one!