Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 262 or Lessons I Learned on a Mexican Cruise, Pt.1

Well, I wanted to hook up with the lovely Unknown Mami for her FABULOUS meme, Sundays in My City -- the Cozumel edition. Unfortunately, however, I am still fighting tech issues so instead I will share some of my stories.

First lesson is... some people do not want to be happy. Even on a cruise. Even in the middle of the bluest water meeting the bluest sky. Some people must choose to be unhappy.

Now why would I say that?

Because, one of the first things you can do when you get on the boat is head to the buffet (the first of MANY, but more on that later). The boat has not left the dock. The sun is shining. Drinks are already being poured and consumed (and consumed, and consumed). And there is a woman yelling at a server because she doesn't like where they put the silverware. Seriously. She is about to sail off into a blue horizon with all the food she could want (most of it good) and she is picking a fight over flatware.

For me, it was eye-opening. I could not have been more excited in that moment. I wouldn't have complained if I had to carry the same fork around the rest of the trip (all right, I probably would complained under those circumstances, but you know I love hyperbole) and she was mad because they had the silverware in the central kiosk rather than at the beginning of each line. Really? REALLY??? I really don't think that woman wants to be happy.

Hey. Maybe, I'm wrong. Is there a wealth of flatware faux pas out there worthy of starting a cruise out angry? Did I miss a class in etiquette that demands immediate and harsh reaction to such a culinary disaster? If so, please enlighten me. Otherwise, I stick with my original hypothesis. This woman does not want to be happy.

Second lesson. I am addicted to my iPhone. I am so used to being attached at all times that I actually experienced a little anxiety when I saw my little ATT in the upper left corner go to No Service. I could not call my family and they could not call me. I could not check for comments on my blog or write comments on yours. No facebook at my fingertips and no constant twitter updates. I think that an Intervention was in order. (I even take it in the bathroom -- yeah, I know. But I'm a mom and you know sometimes, that's the only time. Okay. Okay. Enough said.) Well, I got my intervention. Spending days out in the middle of the Dead Zone made me realize that I have a strong relationship with my technology. I can't even say that I went total cold turkey. I did visit the Internet station. But at $.55/minute, I only used it to send emails to the family, no surfing. No blogging. A little peek at the bank balance so I had no unpleasant surprises and back to life at a slower pace.

Good lesson, right? Yeah. But just like any other addict, I have relapsed. My iPhone has been in my back pocket since re-entry. Alas. Is there still hope for me yet? I'd like to think so but will all the blogs I love, well let's just not go there and instead think happy thoughts.

It was very hard for me to slow down. The pace of life has gotten so fast and so a part of me that being without my iPhone was not the only change. Clocks are rare on the boat. As a mom, I am so used to being on a schedule. It was wild being on "no time" time. (I have more to say on that from my sadly limited time in Mexico, but as I am now back on Mommy No Time, that will have to wait...) It's a good lesson, however, to step back a little from the clock. You'll note that I said "a little" but I am trying.

So, there is Lessons Part One. More on drinks, bathing suits, and the Mexican Johnny Depp to come. I peeked your interest there, didn't I? Stay tuned, folks.


Formerly known as Frau said...

I can't believe some lady was complaining about! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and being cut off from tech world every now and then is good...hard but good (it's like rehab I would guess)
Can't wait to hear more stories from your trip!!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Amazing (or is it just sad?) the things people will complain about.

The mexican JD? Now I'm all ears, do tell.

chitra said...

Some people are never happy wherever they are mainly because they have forgotten to enjoy life.
Waiting to hear more of your cruise. Soon I would be off on a trip and would be away for about 2 weeks.
See you!!

Liz Mays said...

I think some people are just going to complain about something no matter where they are. Ugh!

I find that when I break away from technology it's difficult, but then I adjust and relish the freedom, which makes it difficult to rejoin technology on the other side!

Alyssa S. said...

Mexican Johnny Depp? MMMM. Seriously, I think you should have gone postal on that lady and stabbed her in the foot with a fork :) OK, well, maybe not that drastic, but wouldn't that have been a wake up call? Some people can never be satisfied, even on a beautiful cruise.

One Photo said...

I will be back to hear about the Johnny Depp lookalike - I hope there will be photos!

Courtney said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to my phone!! It's like the second child!

Nancy C said...

You're right, some people just choose misery.

I took a week off blogging, and I'm so glad I did. It's nice to just unplug once in awhile.

Betty Manousos said...

Johnny awesome!
Cant wait!
Have a great week, my sweet friend!

Melani said...

hahah that lady sucks!~ :) How embarrassing for her to complain about the flatware?!?!? Maybe she is really miserable and this was her way of having a good time? LOL

Can't wait to hear about the Mexican Johnny Depp, hope you have a pic!

F said...

I WAS that lady on Saturday. I was awful, ugly and ready to yell at ANYthing. ANYthing. I was a hormonal beast (and I thought the previous two weeks were bad. Nooooo. Saturday was evil). Maybe she was seconds away from starting her period?
Still? A boat, she was bitching on a boat? Ditch the food, lady and go have a cocktail up on a deck somewhere. Everything is better up on a deck somewhere...

Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

When we went on our first and ever cruise I panicked a bit about not being able to use our phones. However, now that my husband's is constantly attached to his ear or fingers I would looooove to go on a vacation where he couldn't use it. It would be bliss to have a conversation where he was actually looking at me rather than his phone!

Can't believe that woman was complaining about the location of the silverware. You're right some people look for anything to complain about. How does that make them happy?

Connie said...

I thought my iPhone addiction was bad until I got an iPad.

There is no hope for me.....