Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 265 or Lessons I Learned on a Mexican Cruise, Pt.2

So, I return to the lessons learned on the sails (well, steam) of a Carnival ship and the shores of Mexico.

First, I learned that there is a place away from my own refrigerator wherein I can eat 24/7. Seriously. To begin, there are the restaurants -- they serve coursed meals three times a day. Reasonable enough, right? Then there are the buffets. These are open almost without break from 6:00 am until 1:00 am. They offer hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries, yes. Pizza and deli around the clock, as well. Soft serve ice cream? Of course. But that isn't everything. They make fresh Mongolian (or Szechuan or Thai) stir fry to order. There are even a few hours that sushi s available. And midnight buffets included Mexican. (I know. I know. As much as I love, Love, LOVE Mexican food, I did not partake in the "Midnight" variety.)

But you still haven't reached twenty-four hours, Traci. Too true. That's because I did not mention Room Service. Yes. In case, you feel that your gastro-related needs have not been met in the 19 hours already covered or you simply have no desire to partake of the sun and sea offered by the boat, it can be brought to you. By very attractive people no less.

Alcohol is equally available (and almost as readily consumed). That is if you are comfortable drinking away your children's college fund. Which evidently I was because I drank more in those five days then in the five months preceding. Of course, I would have to have a college fund to drink it away... but let's move on, shall we? (No judging. Okay. Judge. Can't blame you.)

I drank fruity drinks. I drank wine. I drank sodas spiked with rum smuggled onto the boat. We did it in a very clever way that I am dying to share but I was sworn to silence lest my 15 daily readers include a random cruise executive and ruin our future opportunities. If, however, you can prove your non-cruise employment status and want a hint, write me directly. Until then, I stand under the Cone of Silence.

Next, I will tell you something that had me cracking up when I first entered my room. To save money, we had an internal room. No biggie -- we were only in the room long enough to sleep and/or shower. But despite our internal room status, I walked into a room with a window. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. They had a fake window. A large 3 x 4 inset with a curtain. Cracked me up! It evidently helps with claustrophobia. Funnier, however, is that over the days, I would forget that it wasn't real and lift the curtain.

And that's what I'll close with because my mind is on sleep. These internal rooms get completely dark. There is just the slightest line of light at the crack of the door. Otherwise, ZERO light. And here's my lesson. I can sleep. When the sun does not peek through at dawn (and there are no children's elbows in my ribs, or husband snoring, or... I mean when there is no light), I can sleep hard. And beautifully. But now I am slurring my typing and about to fall asleep at my keyboard, so I will stop here so that I may begin a less stellar night of sleep.

Notes from the men of Cozumel still to come -- including the man they call "Nacho", otherwise known as the Captain Jack Sparrow of the Southern Gulf.


Sonya said...

A cruise sounds so wonderful..the food alone is worthy of me Im so glad you had a wonderful time!

Alyssa S. said...

OMG, had I gone on that cruise, you would have had to drop in the water with the whales when I was all done. I would have taken too much advantage of being on a boat with 24/7 food. I'd love to hear about the "sneaky drinks" sometime :) How funny they do faux windows. I'm not claustrophobic, but I can see how it would make sense to do that.

Betty Manousos said...

Great review, Tracie! Love it!
Soo glad you had such a great time on that cruise.
I want to go on a cruise NOW!
B xx

Nancy C said...

Sigh...I would go just for the sleep.

Tired Mom T├ęsa said...

The fake window is hilarious! We had an internal room too, but no fake window. I'm jealous. :)

Glad you were able to eat, drink, and get some much needed sleep! Eager to hear more about your trip in the coming days.

One Photo said...

I've only ever been on one low-budget 4 day cruise which was actually my honeymoon! Glad you had fun

Holly Lefevre said...

So, the trick is that I must go on a cruise to get some sleep...sounds heavenly...I may never leave the cabin.

Tiffany said...

This is so funny Traci!! I can't imagine the food and the fun on a cruise...I'm so glad you had fun.

Connie said...

At first as I read this I was thinking...I can never, ever go on a cruise. Food and Alcohol. I can not resist either of those.

And now I want to know when your next cruise is so I can go with you.


Haddock said...

It must be fun, visiting new restaurants.

Karen said...

I just stumbled on your bllog from...I dunno..somewhere..LOL!

I was reading about your cruise and remembering when I went on I believe the same cruise in 2007! Did you also go to Belize and Roatan?

Six of us girls are going on one in Oct. 2011! And we are sneaking the booze on this time too!! TeeHee

On our last cruise, our Steward gave us a bottle of rum for free!!