Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 274 or The Tooth Man Cometh

So many of you asked about the Tooth Fairy so here's the shizzle. The Tooth Fairy did come. Of course.

But, there is a funny story there. Well, I think it's funny. It's funny to me. But I have had a couple of White Russians this evening, so we'll see if the humor carries beyond the bizarre arena known as my brain.

After Sonny-Bunny went to sleep, Tooth Fairy and her assistant had a discussion (debate) over what was the appropriate price for the tooth. Tooth Fairy, in her infinite wisdom and elephant-like memory, stated that the previous two teeth (wrought from two separate painful accidents) had brought $5 each. Therefore, TF thought it only proper to maintain that as current retail value. Her assistant however, thought that $1 would be more appropriate. TF won the argument, as she always does, and $5 was properly traded for said tooth.

The next morning, when Sonny-Bunny awakens for school, I say "Let' s see what the Tooth Fairy brought". To which he said (with a great big smile), "I bet it's a dollar." (Yes. "A" dollar. As in one.) When he sees the $5, he is screaming, "Mommy, you have to see this! You have to see what kind of dollar it is! It has a five, Mommy! It's a five dollar!" He was over the moon.

So it seems that the going rate is $1 and the assistant was right. Maybe someone should share that info with the big TF. Maybe a night before would have been even better. Alas.



ChiaLynn said...

1. One of the reasons I stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy is that I got a dollar per tooth, and none of my friends got more than a quarter. I really didn't think my teeth were worth so much more than everyone else's.

2. My husband (who got a quarter for his teeth) started a tradition with his daughter of jewelry for each lost tooth. He didn't mean to - it was a special thing for the first tooth. And then the second tooth came out, and she wondered what kind of jewelry she'd get for this one, and the tradition was set. And the jewelry got more expensive as she got older. Fortunately, she didn't expect anything when she had her wisdom teeth out a couple of years ago.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Too funny wait tell all the other kids hear ...all Tooth fairies are gonna be mad you all upped the anty! Heehee! Have a great long weekend.

Tracie said...

We ended up shelling out a 20 for my youngest's first tooth as nobody had any smaller bills.

Claudya Martinez said...

Dang Tooth Fairy, shoulda gone with the dollar.

F said...

OK, you will laugh! G comes home on Friday and he says to me "Ian says he got FIVE dollars from the tooth fairy, mom. FIVE dollars. I bet he got it wrong mom, FIVE? No way, right?" Ha! So I am not spoiling it for G and I just sort of said, "I don't know G, maybe?" and left it really loose. Hoping that he forgets or thinks that Ian did get it wrong or ???? Cuz we have a new roll of dollar coins over here and that it what he is getting!

I totally get the big bucks for the busted teeth tough and if he got it once??? Bummer that he didn't remember or maybe he thought it was hazard pay and for an ordinary lost tooth, he was to get a buck? Of course, now? You are so busted!

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Pity we didn't think of that before husband dearest had 19 teeth removed last month - we would have made a small fortune.