Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 319 or File This Under "W"

File this under "W" for "What the Freckle?" !!! Let me just warn you -- this is not a heart-warming look at motherhood kind of post, or a change the world inspirational post. No, this is a rant.

Last night, I was syncing my iPhone with my new computer. And I was tempted by the little button informing me that I was not up-to-date. What? Has this computer seen my closet? I'm never out of season so I certainly can't be out of date. So I pushed that little button which embarked me on a four hour odyssey.

And much like Homer's Odyssey of old, there were a few unexpected bumps and bruises along the way. But unlike Odysseus, I did not finally arrive back to all I had before.

First off, let me warn you fellow non-techies (Computer geeks may tune out for this paragraph). If you are syncing with a new computer, make sure that you have "authorized" that computer before starting the process. I thought that I had but evidently had not. This is VERY important. Because when iTunes told me that I had not properly executed such directive, it was at the point of telling me that all my purchased items could not be transferred to the library. Point of fact for those of you interested, this is TOO late. I have lost all my apps. UGH!!!!!

Now you might say that is a steep sacrifice but you now have the most up-to-date (old) iPhone possible. But what did I get for that? I got a phone that looks wet. I'm not kidding. It looks like water is under the screen. And that's what a mother of two young kids wants to see -- droplets of water on her iPhone. What "genius" over at Apple came up with that?

In fairness, I must say that the new facebook app I could now download was awesome. And I love that I can send photos with texts. But please!!! Not a fair trade for all my apps plus all my settings, thank you!

Okay. I feel a little better now. At least, until I unlock my phone and see all the black screen where apps were. And then the hex on Steve Jobs is SOOOO back on! (Just kidding. I'm not a stalker or anything. Well not a stalker in the real world. Virtual stalking doesn't count, right? LOL!)


tattytiara said...

Oh I do not like technical thingies that don't come with a do-over option. I don't like them at all.

Team Chastain said...

Ugh, this kind of stuff drives me crazy, and I always make things worse because I refuse to read instructions, thinking I am intelligent enough to figure things out on my own...LOL...well, you can guess what usually ends up happening, right?

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Glad you are feeling a little better for having got that off your chest. I always feel so much better after a rant.

Liz Mays said...

I don't understand any of that complicated stuff!

chitra said...

That would caused real anxious moments for you.

Alyssa S. said...

I would be fighting to keep the stream of tears from shorting out my iPod. I'd say I'd throw something if that happened to me, but I can say with assurance that it would be anything BUT my iPod. Of course, now I AM curious about the Facebook app update :)

Nancy C said...

I have heard so many comments about this Jobs douche-ery.

My brother has sold his soul to Apple, so he says it's fine. Everybody else thinks it's a nightmare.

Unknown said...

I am not techno-savvy at all and anytime I'm remotely unsure of something I have to defer to hubs lest I ruin/crash/delete/screw up big time.

so do i really get to meet you this weekend/??

The Ninja said...

I couldn't work the iPhone. I'll just stick with my Blackberry. follower, love your blog! And, didn't you just have a birthday! HAPPY HAPPY!!