Friday, August 6, 2010

Turning the Page, Part 2

Okay, it's taken me exactly one month to turn the second page. And no, my new site is not finished. (My fault solely -- it's taken me some time to get my vision together but we are on our way!) I was also waiting on some announcements which I can now make. So let's start there.

In my previous Turning the Page post, I alluded to an exciting opportunity. Well, now I can tell you that if you aren't sick of me yet, you can find me over at I am writing as a Premium Parent for them and my first post goes up today. I am amongst some amazing bloggy ladies so I hope that you will check us out.

I am also now an affiliate for eShakti. You may have noticed my pretty banner on the left. I was lucky enough to review a dress of theirs a few months ago and I loved it so much that I agreed to be affiliated with them. They make beautiful dresses that can be customized and I have personally worn my dress several times and I am complimented EVERY time. So check them out, as well.

And for the record, in the case of both eShakti and Dr. Smith's, I am only working with them because I use and believe in their products. I am truly excited by both opportunities!

Now there are many a thank you outstanding. First off, (and she has no idea that I am doing this) -- I owe an ENORMOUS thank you to Unknown Mami. She is not unknown to me so I can attest to her brilliance and beauty in person. Think that she is lovely and funny on-line, triple that plus one and you've got her. She has been a constant source of support and friendship to me as a blogger and I would not know many of you had she not introduced me. I love her on-line and in real life. No way I could turn this page without her.

Next to the way overdue awards. I am terrible with awards. Not because I don't care but because I do. I am so honored that you shared a little love that I toss and turn on forwarding them properly. So I start a post that day and then I stop as I ponder what fabulous blog to award. I love so many of you guys so I keep this detailed list of who I have already awarded and when I did and then I look through those I haven't and I agonize. So I put it off. And then time starts to pass. and the guilt starts. And then more time passes and then I am embarrassed and UGH!!! So to those of you who have been gracious enough to pass them on, please forgive my lack of graciousness. As this moment inside my head has demonstrated, I mean well. But I am biting the bullet and acknowledging all of you. This may take a while.

Doreen over at They Say Everyone Has a Story, This is Mine gave me the Versatile Blogger award. Now I must share 7 things about myself that you may not know. I'm not sure if I have left anything to mystery, but we'll see.

1) My eyes change colors -- the center of my eye is dark blue and they are surrounded by an amber color which causes them to look green at times, light brown at times, and dark blue at times (especially when I cry)
2) I love old TV shows -- Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Maude, etc.
3) I have three fake teeth -- when I was 16, I had a terrible car accident in which I smacked my face into a steering wheel. I smashed all the bone under my nose and knocked out the top front three teeth. Since then I have worn a bridge.
4) My daughter is named after a David Sylvian song.
5) I watch way too much TV though I am seriously considering cancelling cable to break free of the bondage of my addiction
6) I love carbs -- not the complex kind, but the very, very simple kind -- like brand, new soft white bread. I can't stand healthy bread. I don't want to work that hard. Sorry, healthy friends!
7) I have read "The Secret Garden" at least twenty times, including several times as an adult

Now I must bestow this honor onto 15 newly discovered blogs and they must share 7 things about them selves and pass it on. These are a mix of very different blogs -- some Mommies, some artists, and some giveaways. All are great.

1) Tracie from From Tracie
2) Mum in Flip Flops from MuminFlipFlops
3) Lemony Renee from Of Lemons and Honey
4) Templeton's Fury from Circling the Cuckoo's Nest
5) Leiah from A Southern Belle Trying Not to Rust
6) Ericka from Alabaster Cow
7) mathet zin from Myanmar (Burma) -- a beautiful love letter to a country
8) Michele Chastain from Fake It Til You Make It
9) Jane from Adoption of Jane
10) E.L.M.Dyck from Let Me Think -- she also gave me an award as you will see below
11) Dana Chabino from Daily Paintings -- Abstract - Impressionist Painter -- gorgeous artwork shared (almost) daily
12) Connie from The Young and the Relentless
13) Bridget from Readaholic
14) Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You
15) Jeanette Huston from Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles -- Giveaways and Reviews

A fabulous man around town and a globe trotter, as well, Subu.PS over at Passion for Road Trips and E.L.M.Dyck from Let Me Thinkgave me the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Share 7 things you find to be beautiful around you.

1) My husband -- enough said
2) My son's crooked smile
3) My daughter's chocolate eyes
4) The sun coming up through my window
5) My growing grapevine
6) Steam coming off of a cup of coffee brought to me by my husband
7) The sound of my children's laughter

Nominate 7 bloggers or more.

1) Doreen from They Say Everyone Has a Story, This is Mine -- I would have listed her above but she was kind enough to pass that award to me, so here is my opportunity to spotlight her
2) Living Our Dash
3) Alicia from A Beautiful Mess
4) Anastasia from Sweet Butter Bliss
5) Aging Mommy from Aging Mommy -- she is a gift giver, as well; see below
6) Holly from 504 Main
7) Francesca and Kacey from Mayhem and Moxie

And in my embarassment of riches, The Improbable Housewife and Aging Mommy gave me the Honest Scrap Award.

As I was supposed to tell ten things about me, I will simply add three to the seven above. Because really, I'm not sure you can stand to know much more!

8) I think that if the choice was between Heaven and Mint Chocolate Ice Cream, it would be a very hard decision
9) Though I don't share them here, I have very strong political views which are very often in opposition to most people I am related. I am something of a black sheep.
10) I am a serial hobbyist -- by this I mean, I pick up hobbies, get completely obsessed with them and then allow them to gather dust amongst other lost pastimes. This happened a little with blogging. I was visiting 50-60 blogs a day until my family cried "Uncle". I then ran out of steam and blogging lost a little luster. I think I have found a happy balance now, however. I still love visiting and blogging but I have to remember sunshine, sleep, and oh yeah -- my kids!!! :-)

And I will round out the group to ten more beloved blogs:
8) Confessions of a Fitness Instructor
9) Serena and Brandon's Playhouse
10) Shelley's swag

Finally, my good friend, Andrea over at Good Girl Gone Redneck gave me this award.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Well, after this time away, I definitely see myself living at the ocean. I just feel more alive there. And seeing my children and how comfortable they are in the water has inspired me. In fact, I have really spent the last week visualizing how I can get myself and my family living seaside all the time. (I'll be writing more on that soon.) So I see myself there. I also see myself writing professionally and hopefully performing on-stage at least once a year. Also, frighteningly, in ten years I will be the parent to two teenagers -- one of them driving. ARGH! So I see myself even more sleep deprived. But all in all, I see myself living my vision board! Here's hoping!

There are probably a million other thank yous owed. I have made the greatest friends through this blog. Mostly, I want to say thanks for sticking around this year and especially this summer. It has been a crazy one. I'm looking forward to school starting and life resuming some routine. Then I should be able to get back to my passion -- reading and writing. Blogs, that is.


Nancy C said...

How did you meet Unknown Mami in person? I can't even begin to explain how jealous that makes me. Congrats on the new endeavors!

Kelly's Lucky You said...

Thank you SO much. You made my day!!!

Claudya Martinez said...

Traci, I hope you know how much your kind words mean to me. Seriously, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and because I am a huge sap I'm also a bit choked up.

I am so excited for you and all the wonderful opportunities that are opening up to you. said...

hello Traci
That was wonderful. In fact I too delays a lot in acknowledging awards and goes through almost the same emotions which you described.
Hope you are having a very nice weekend!!!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Thank you Traci! Wow you know the famous unknown Mami; I love her!
Thank you for the Beautiful Blogger Award; now I am going to try very hard to figure out how to put links in my post..

LivinOurDash said...

Wow, Taci ... thank you for the award! It really means a lot!
BTW - I have to agree with your feelings about Mint Chocolate Ice Cream! :-)

LemonyRenee' said...

Traci -- THANKS for the award! I think I'm gonna like it around here! ;)

Cool to have "mood ring" eyes. 8-D

Shelley said...

Congrats on all of your awards, Traci!! And thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me...and passing one on to me! How very sweet of you :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Your eyes sounds just like my 17yo daughters. Hers are light brown in the middle, then green, then dark blue. I even asked the doctor when she was little "WHAT color are her eyes"??! She said to just call them hazel. Depending on what she wears, my daughters can look light brown, bluish brown, or the brightest green! Beautiful! Me, my other daughter and son all got stuck with dark brown eyes. But those two have THE LONGEST eyelashes...EVER!! For me...thank goodness for Maybelline ;P

Tracie Nall said...

Thank you so much! You are so sweet to pass on your award to me too! How fun!

Cyrene @ MumInFlipFlops said...

Congratulations on your awards! ANd a BIG THANK YOU for passing the Versatile Blogger Award to me. I am just floored! :)

P.S. - Your eyes sound lovely!

Templeton's fury said...

Thank you so much for the award Traci! It sounds like your life is very FULL ;) thank you for your kind words, as well.

Templeton's Fury,

p.s. i'm pretty sure chocolate has superpowers in terms of productivity and inspiration when writing. at least that's what im telling myself!

Melani said...

Thanks so much, sorry I am so behind in my reading!

alicia said...

Thanks so much girl. Sorry for the lateness. Got home yesterday and I'm a bit behind swimming in a sea of emails. And BAM! What a fun surprise. Thanks so much, really.

alicia said...

P.S. That was some crazy crash you were in. Glad you are ok.