Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day One

Okay, if my math is right, there are 310 days until this becomes 39 and Growing. Hopefully, those will be 310 well-lived days. I won't know until I am viewing them in the rear-view mirror but every journey begins with a step so... Day One, Step One. I hope that you will share your feelings about life, family, growing up (?), etc. and if you have ideas for things to try, please let me know. Some say that to truly have lived a day, you need to do something that scared or excited you. Give me suggestions. Keep it clean, please! (or reasonably so...)

One day down, 309 to live...


Amira said...

One thing that scared me was, and still is, improv. For some reason, I decided it would be fun to take classes. A year later, I wanted to start performing.

One thing that excites me is scrapbooking--love to do it!

I need to work on gardening (necessity now) and cooking (reluctant to try new things because I don't want to mess them up).

Maybe one of the above things will make you think of something, maybe not. Either way, you know more about me now. :)

Keep writing! Yay blog.

Traci said...

Thanks, Amira, for sharing your ideas. You qualify as the first official comment on my blog. I think that I will have to try the Improv -- goodness knows that it qualifies as terrifying me.

Nicole Bruder, Lucy Goo Pet Sitting said...

I think that doing this blog is huge in itself! Do you feel energized about it? When you open your laptop, or turn your computer on to write about a new thought and see who has made a comment do you get excited? If so, then you have already accomplished part of your goal. You are doing something every day to be excited about! You are on to a great start, girl! :)

Traci said...

Thanks, Nicole. Yes, I am both excited and scared just by doing the blog, so you are right. The fact that I am doing the blog everyday helps me meet that primary goal.