Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Two

Well, yesterday I started the blog and that certainly qualified as my one thing that terrifies me. It seems like such a little thing -- write what you feel and ask people to read it. Simple, yes... Easy, NO! So, I wrote and three people read it. That qualifies as an increase of 300% in readership. (Allow me my little victories, please.)

So what to do today? Of my three, I already have gotten suggestions. One of my dear friends from grad school suggested I check out the site I did and I recommend it if you, too, are questioning how to get things rolling for a second time. Thanks, AB! Another friend revealed that she has a secret blog herself. I appreciate that she felt she could share that with me. It makes me feel less crazy for embarking on this journey in such a public manner.

Why do this for everyone, you might ask. Late last night, I started asking myself that same question. I think the best answer is that it will force me to stick to it. I have started a dozen or more journals and diaries and I always flake out after about a week. This way, if I don't write, my naturally over-active guilt complex will compel me to return and start again.

Therefore, I say thanks for being a part this. Whatever "this" is. We'll see. I'm on a hunt for my new thing today. Maybe it will simply be allowing more than three to read it. :-)

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The Absence of Alternatives said...

When you number your posts like this, I HAVE to find the beginning and read from the beginning. Because I am a bit OCD... Can you imagine making Mr. Monk (on TV) read out of sequence? But I am sure he would cry when he noticed the missing numbers too. Hey, how's that for activating your guilty complex? ;-)