Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Five

Okay, so the scary stomach flu is still making itself known, but not to be deterred, I have returned faithfully to the land of the blog.

I kept my word and (without my brilliant brother's help) I learned to twitter. Well, sort of. I learned enough to set up my name and post my first tweet. And while I am not sure how often I shall utilize this new skill set, I have a handle 38Traci. Traci38 would have been better but surprisingly enough, already taken. Would have thought that there wasn't a demand for tweets from other 38 year old "Traci with an I"s, but evidently I would have been wrong. Maybe I should tweet her. Do you tweet individuals? I guess that's a question for the brother.

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog and offered such support. I have reconnected with some old college friends over it. Thanks, ladies. Your words matter to me. Maybe more than you know.

Yesterday, I stretched and invited a lot of you to read and many did. Wow! I more than doubled my readership. And two of you signed up to follow me -- woo hoo! I will do my best to give you something worthy of following. So keep the suggestions coming. So far, I have an outstanding challenge for improv. I've got a lot of days ahead of me (305) with this project, so I need some help filling those sun-ups to sun-downs with growth.

Here's to more challenges, more friends, and more living!

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Daryl said...

{Warning: rambling ahead. Highly edited stream of consciousness begins in 3... 2... 1...}

Just got to say, while the slacker in me (what? you hadn't noticed? yep, i'm a slacker) was part of why I hadn't helped you set up a twitter account, there was also a little motivation to let you do it yourself. It was an unstated challenge to get you to be independent. While you clearly could do it (you started this blog all on your own) sometimes we all need a reminder that we can do things by ourself. Even (and especially) when that's just what we're doing.

When doing these little things, sometimes you've just got to say "fuck it, what's the worst that could happen?" Can you really mess up making a twitter account? It's okay to ask for help but don't put your life on hold waiting for it. (hmm, that's a good one if I do say so myself, someone should quote me on that ;) )

And just to state what (I hope) is obvious: while I may be a slacker at times, I'll always be there to help when you can't do it by yourself. :)

{End of rambling. I hope some of that could be deciphered}