Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Four

Well, it's the first of the month so I would love to report that I had begun the month with a bang. However, the only thing that I can report is a stomach flu that is not exciting, very new and a little frightening.

In that state, I think that I will learn to Twitter. I seem to be the only human remaining without this questionable skill and my brother has promised me a tutorial. I just hope that it doesn't turn out like Facebook. I was a huge hold-out on the old FB and now I can't get off. Yes, I have become one of those people. It starts out so innocently. You accept a green patch here, chips for Farkle there and the next thing you know...you're a Pirate. People are hitting you over the head with pillows and plotting to take you out with their Mafia. When did the internet get so violent????

Oh, well. Let's hope tomorrow provides excitement beyond the walls of my bathroom. :-)


ChiaLynn said...

My Twitter handle is ChiaLynn. :-)

Feel better!

Nicole Bruder, Lucy Goo Pet Sitting said...

I am on Twitter, and I can't remember what my handle is; I'm never on there... Keep me posted!