Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Twenty - One

Last night, I fulfilled the easiest (and possibly most delicious) of my challenges. I got to try a new "girlie" drink and the wonderful evening that accompanied it. My girfriend introduced me to The Brown Bar here in Austin. And they have a signature drink. It's called the Brown Bar Martini and it is AMAZING! I mean slight moan erupting from my lips after the first sip, amazing. Fall in love, angel chorus, amazing. Life momentarily altered, amazing. So, did I say that it's amazing?

Now for those of you who are keeping score, I have conquered two of my challenges in one week. My brother says that means I have to add another task. I told him that if I get eleven suggestions I will. So that's my not so unsubtle hit -- if you want to see me do eleven things in ten weeks, then send me ideas!

I have added my own challenge. As I have already come out of the screenwriting closet, I am challenging myself to find a mentor and write him/her a letter. And as an extension (as this may take longer than the noted ten weeks), I am going to keep writing until I find someone who will mentor me. I may get a lot of return to senders, and there may be a few assistants giggling at my letters over their Vente soy lattes, but I am going to risk looking stupid to find someone who can help me on my path.

So twenty-one days and two challenges down, many more to go...