Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day Twenty-Two or Blissed Out

Follow my Bliss! Those are the three words of wisdom that my good friend and fellow blogger shared with me. I have always loved that word...Bliss. There are lots of words for happiness and fulfillment but bliss just sounds glorious, doesn't it?

Now, I grew up with a woman that loved saying "look it up" whenever asked what a word meant and I love her for that because I have a very special relationship with my dictionary. This affair has only been strengthened by the addition of the app on my iPhone. I love being able to instantly look up an unknown word when reading. (And I love books that provide unknown words). So I looked it up. What word? Oh...bliss. You forgot what word we were discussing with my little tangent there? I understand.

So, bliss. (a great site for fellow logophiles, by the way -- and yes that is a word, guess where I looked it up) and they defined it as such: supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment. Utter joy or contentment? Damn, that sounds good. That's what I'm going for here with one change. Utter joy and contentment.

So to my dear friend and blogger extraordinaire, I say, oh yeah. I am following my bliss. Hell, I am on the bliss train. Anyone need a lift? Otherwise, see you there.

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