Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Twenty - Six

I'm sitting here with my laptop watching the cursor blink. And blink. I have started this post four times, highlighted it and hit delete four times. I keep waiting for inspiration. Well, if inspiration is an inconstant lover then someone somewhere must be very inspired because I see him nowhere. Should I blow up inspiration's cell phone? Go out drinking with a girlfriend and leave a series of embarrassing messages? Maybe drive by his house and bang on his window. Oh, that's right, I don't know where he lives. Nor do I know his cell phone number. So that's not gonna work.

So day twenty-six and I got nothing... Still trying to stretch myself. Still reading a book about Bette Davis and still... got nothing. Could look up nothing in the dictionary. Yeah, I know that inspiration would be a better look up kind of word but as I have stated several times -- I got nothing, so I'm sticking with him. Tonight, he is the constant lover. The hold your door, always calls kind of lover so until Mr. Inspiration finds his way back to me, I'm turning off the light and cuddling up with, you got it... nothing.

("Inspired" by my friend Unknown Mani and her "Connie")

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