Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day Fifty - Two

I just finished birthday bonanza weekend. Yesterday was my son's actual birthday but today was the party so we are officially overloaded with cake, coke, and pinata candy. We are tired but we are happy.

We had an old school backyard birthday party. I dug out three different party games from three different past parties. (Our theme was Transformers but we had A Spiderman bean bag toss, a Cars ball toss, and a Star Wars skee ball.) I then let them loose. They actually chose to have an epic battle with pool noodles over almost anything. It just goes to show...

It reminded me of the many parties that my mom threw for me. I now know all the hours that went into each event. How she must have never sat down (as I did not sit). How I never knew or truly appreciated. So I say thank you. But more importantly, I know that it's okay. Because as happy as my son is today, he doesn't have a clue. Which is just fine. One day he'll know and I'll have the joy of sitting at his child's party Sitting and watching and knowing.

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mommakin said...

We had a lot of birthday parties at home when my girls were growing up. They were the best! They WERE a lot of work, but such fun work!