Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day Forty - Eight or Riding the Rollercoaster

It's funny (or not so funny) how quickly the car turns on life's roller coasters. Saturday I posted how yummy mommyhood was -- well tonight was not so yummy. Just one of those times when I am feeling under the weather and it's like they smell weakness. The two were either at each other's throats or plotting against me. Well, maybe not that Machiavellian, but if you saw that impish gleam in both of their eyes....

Just as I could actually see the roots of the few strands I hadn't already pulled out of my head turning grey (which should save me money on highlights -- either for the new natural whiteness or lack of volume!), it was bed time. After two library books taking WAY too long for a frustrated mom, fights over who can cuddle on Mommy's right side (I'm guessing my left side is somehow less lovable), and cold milk poured down my leg, we settled in for cuddles. And stomach blows. And "I love you" lists. And then the ride started clicking its way back up to dizzying, glorious heights.

I know that it will swoosh down towards the abyss again but that's part of the ride. And part of life. Twists and turns. Laughs and screams. Thrown necks and upset stomachs. Ups and downs.


mommakin said...

Oh, the ride never ends. And sometimes it's nauseating. But sometimes it makes you squeal with delight. It's a good ride.

Savvy-Motherhood said...

ha ha, I'm with my friend Tammy here.