Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day Forty - Seven

What a lesson I have learned about not allowing preconceived notions to limit choices. When I started this journey, I looked at writing a blog as intimidating. I saw these terrific blogs and imagined the writers as the cool clique and myself as the nerdy new student. I saw myself as an outsider hoping eventually to be acknowledged by the popular kids. I almost didn't do it because of this self-imposed intimidation.

Oh! How wrong I was! What a wonderful community I have joined. From the moment I began, there have been hands to hold, even shoulders that carried. An old friendship renewed. A new friendship strengthened. And that was just the beginning. Now that I have started to get my blogging sea legs, I have recently sought out other blogs -- to learn, to grow, to glean. I often look to my friends' blogs for direction and try out some of the blogs they recommend. Each time I have checked out a blog and chosen to follow, these terrific people have come over to support me. That means more than I can say.

So, please check out the blogs I follow. Support them. Support those that they follow. And if you have ever had the desire to try this -- do. There are friends here and they will help you carry the load. If you do start a blog, let me know. I'll be happy to add my name to your follow list.

Come on in...the water's fine!


mommakin said...

It really is amazing how it grows...

I think we all get that feeling, sometimes - that it's like HS again and we're never gonna get to sit at the table with the cool kids - but we find our niches - EVERYone finds their niche - and it's a really wonderful place to be. I, too, have found the support to be amazing.

I'm glad I found you. :-)

Claudya Martinez said...

Isn't it amazing. It's like nothing I have ever experienced. Coming from an acting background I thought I would have to audition, but nope I already had the part. All I had to do was show up. I knew it would be a creative outlet, but I had no idea I would come to care about my bloggy buddies so much.


Traci said...

Thanks guys! You're both inspiring to me.