Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Forty - Four

Today was a lovely day to be a mom. My soon-to-be six year old had a shared birthday party with his best buddy for their big school kindergarten friends. Watching him run around the play structure with his schoolmates trailed by his little sister made me warm inside despite the unseasonably Seattle like weather in Austin. Some days it is not easy to be a mom. Some days it is easy to feel overwhelmed when my five year old has developed pithy little phrases like "What?" and my two year old's favorite words bounce between "No!" and "I do it!" while she grabs the ketchup out of my hand. Today was not that day, however. Today was a day that the hat of motherhood fit just right.


Betty Manousos said...

Just passing by to say hello and thanks for following.
I'm following ,too:)
Happy Sunday!

Claudya Martinez said...

Yay, for just right!