Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Sixty - One

So I have a fabulous mom and I am blessed with a great relationship with her. She and I get along terrifically and she has supported me through everything and in everything!

Now that we've established that I love my mom and she loves me...she can also make me crazy. Most especially in a particular fashion. Anytime that I try to complain about my children (which of course never happens as they are both pieces of perfection pie), she smiles knowingly, laughs, and begins to recount the multiple times I did the same or worse. She enjoys this more than chocolate and Doris Day films. In other words, she enjoys it a little too much.

I mean, come on!

I was a joy to raise. I never sassed or made a mess. Heck, I'm the perfection pie of which my children are a piece. Not believing it? Alright, I don't even believe it!

So, no, I was not an angel dropped to Earth and seemingly I am now living under the mother's curse. You know the one that all mother's yell at one point or another -- "I hope you have a little girl (or boy) just like you!"

The truth is, however, that she sees that as both a blessing and a curse. And I'm sure I will, too. Later. But now, I want her to stop laughing.

So until that happens, I am saving stories for the time my daughter comes whining to me about the "most stubborn child ever born on God's green Earth". And boy, am I going to laugh. Maybe, I'll call my mom then and we can laugh together!


Claudya Martinez said...

My mom does it to me to and drives me crazy with the smugness. I can't wait until it's my turn.

mommakin said...

My mom doesn't seem to understand that it's DIFFERENT with my kids...

The Little Miss said...

love your blog! I think all moms are like that haha
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Life Laugh Latte said...

Hi Traci. Thanks for coming by our blog. Always fun to see a new friendly face. Don't look now...but I'm stalking (er...Following) you too! I've had the same mom moments. Except since my moms hearing is so bad, I've stopped telling her many of my kid's stories. She doesn't hear the details right, assumes she knows what I'm talking about, and then retells the stories to other people totally wrong. We are really close too...so I get it. Have a great day, and come by to see one of our vlogs sometime too. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

Tracie said...

I actually was a good child. (Really. Until I hit high school.) So my mom can't figure out what I'm doing wrong to make my children so unruly.

Mama-Face said...

You will say everything you swore you wouldn't. I did the get the daughter my mom promised I would. But perfection pie comes in a lot of flavors and we love 'em all.