Monday, October 26, 2009

Day Sixty or Slow Down Pt. 2

So a couple of days ago I told the story of learning the lesson of slowing down. Well evidently, Officer H. isn't the only one sent to teach me this lesson. So is my daughter.

My gorgeous, loving, stubborn, infuriating, piece of perfection pie daughter.

I have also mentioned in past posts that she is firmly in the "I do it myself" stage. She doesn't want help no matter how ridiculously out sized she is for the task.

Well, I've noticed a trend. The more I want her to hurry up and complete a task. The slower she goes. And if I try to insist on helping, well, she has to start all over. So as we were dancing this dance for the 5th time today, I got it. (Don't tell me I'm slow on the pick-up!) If I would relax and give her space, she would either complete the task or ask for help but in my impatience I was making everything take longer. Just like the ticket that I got because I was afraid I would be late that became the reason I was late.

I think that life is that way too. Maybe one can want something too much. We rush it or squeeze the life out of it. Who knows where any of us would be if we changed even the slightest things? I sure don't know. I know this, though. Maybe if I'd gotten what I wanted, I wouldn't have gotten what I needed. And maybe, just maybe, if I can learn to slow down, I might find everything I want all in its own time, like a two year old learning to do it all by herself.


Claudya Martinez said...

Well, hurry up and learn to slow down already!

mommakin said...

The Rolling Stones had it right all along, eh?

Unknown said...

that last paragraph really sums it all up!
Great Post

Tracie said...

I sing that Stones song to my kids all the time. They are not amused.

Mama-Face said...

Huge words of wisdom. Amen.