Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 311 or Sundays in My City, July 4th Edition

Okay, I'm not nearly so grumpy -- we're all in the same city, yay!And it is a holiday to boot. My airman had to work, however, so we went to him. Here he is showing my little patriots around,

Happy Fourth of July to everyone. I am proud to be an American and proud of my husband who serves this country,

Please join my friend, Unknown Mami at her newly upgraded blog for her Meme of all Memes, Sundays in My City.
Unknown Mami
Finally, please remember that tomorrow night is the last chance to enter my fabulous CSN giveaway and to join my Heifer International Support challenge. Tuesday is the big birthday and I will be full of announcements. I also have lots of thank yous coming, some very overdue.


chitra said...

happy to know you enjoyed your Sunday well. Nice photos there...

Adoption of Jane said...

Glad you had a happy 4th! What a good man your husband is!!

Claudya Martinez said...

This post got me all choked up. I'm proud of your husband too.

Betty Manousos said...

Soo glad that you enjoyed your Sunday! So happy to hear about it!
Have a great week!
Big hugs!
~B xx

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

That's wonderful of your husband to serve his country. I'm sure it makes the 4th of July just that much sweeter for you.

Melani said...

I am happy for you and the kids that you were able to spend time with your hubby! It can be hard on the kids when everything is so uncertain...but I am positive you do a great job in handling things! :)