Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 329 or It's Friday, I'm Fragmented and a Little Bit Green

The last week have been really listening to the things my kids have had to say -- some silly, some profound, and some just darn funny. So in honor of Friday Fragments, I thought that I would share some wisdom from the mouths of babes.

My daughter still speaks a great deal about her grandfather that passed last winter. She also speaks a lot about angels. This week she told me about how she was an angel before she was born. She told me that she was waiting to come to Earth. Now she hasn't been exposed to the Well of Souls so I have no idea where this came from but it was super sincere. She then started an even deeper discussion about how people can be "in her heart". I attempted to explain that when someone dies, they never leave us, that they will always be in our hearts. Well, she then wanted to know how they could get there because her heart was inside. She was concerned that there might not be enough room. It is so sweet how literal she is and reminds of the beauty of child-vision.

On the other side of this coin, my son on a completely different day, started a conversation about ghosts. But should you ever need to put into relief the difference between how a six-year old boy thinks from a three year-old girl thinks, here it is. We were in the car and as a good six-year old boy is known to do, he passed gas. I called him on it and he told me that a ghost did it. I answered that ghosts don't have gas. He then replied that they did not have "hineys". He furthered that ghosts also did not go to the bathroom because they did not have penises. So there you go. Important information to know, right?

My daughter has also begun telling me that she is too busy for me as she has work. (Personally, her "work" looks more like mess-making than I might prefer, but what are you going to do?) This one hurt a little because I actually went back to work this summer. And, when I make a mistake, she says, "You didn't know, Mommy. You didn't know". So you heard it first here, folks, I didn't know.

On a completely different note, I am still having issues with my iPhone after it is was "improved". Since the ill-fated update, the phone says that vibrate is set for sound or silent but it has not worked since the change. Any suggestions?I need my vibration, you know. I know that some of you are tech savvy, if you have ideas, please share.

This week, I was inspired by my new IRL friend, Erin, I re-visited my commitment to being green, I wrote more about it in my other blog Cold Comfort Living. I have failed a lot lately but I am ready to do better. I am proud, however, of what we are doing for Heifer International. The latest tally of $220 buys a goat, two flocks of chicks, and a tree! Yay! That's got be good and green!

Finally, here is my profund thought of the day. I am watching Veggie Tales with my daughter. The veggies are eating fruit. Is that akin to cannibalism? I don't know but it just doesn't seem quite right. Just sayin. :-)

So there we are. Check out Mrs. 4444 at Half Past Kissing Time and join in the Fragmented Fun!

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When did I become my Mom said...

Lol @ VeggieTales. Traci that NEVER crossed my mind, but I think I will never be able to watch them without laughing in a different way now.

Love the stories from the kids, and I'm sorry you "weren't there"... xo

Doreen McGettigan said...

Kids are hysterical; I am so amazed at the serious and utterly funny stuff they come up with. Veggie Tales+eating fruit=scary.
I am stopping by from FF. I hope you have a terrific week!

Betty Manousos said...

Stories from the kids are always cute and also there's a feel of innovation that always amazed me!
Veggies that are eating fruits...priceless.
Hope you're having a great Sunday!
Big hugs!
B xx

Tracie Nall said...

I love love love Heifer International! What a great organization!

On Veggie Tales...I have seen that episode where they eat fruit. I have to say that it freaked me out a bit and my daughter was very unhappy about it. She informed me at the time that since they were friends with Madam Blueberry and she is obviously a fruit it just didn't seem right. Of course, she also pulled the "I can't eat JUNIOR" on my grandma one night at the dinner table when asparagus were what can I say.

chitra said...

It is nice to listen to young kids innocent talk. Enjoy it Traci, soon they would grow up .

Mrs4444 said...

I really love the ways kids think. The ideas that come out of their little mouths are so precious.

Loved the cannibalism fragment!

Trying to be green whenever possible. It's a great feeling :)

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting SandwichINK. I enjoyed visiting back. You have my sympathy on the iPhone issue. We all love ours, but one iPhone 4 and one iPhone 3g in our family are definitely causing a lot of grief since all the upgrades! Joys of new technology - hopefully will all start to work better in the next few weeks :)

Melani said...

Yes, it is so interesting to see the way kids think and how being a boy and a girl, they are different!

Real cute conversations!

I try to be green when I can and it does make a difference in out home. Like putting everything I can in the recycle bin, then we have less trash in our regular trash can.

Claudya Martinez said...

It's better than when the veggies sing about cheeseburgers. I find it disturbing that veggies crave cheeseburgers.