Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Twenty -- Four

Today is a day when it would be easier to not have a blog. It's not that anything is particularly wrong, I just don't feel inspired or witty or any of the other things one wishes to be when writing for others. Rather than feeling like Superman, able to leap tall buildings in a singe bound, I'm feeling more like a less glossy, less stellar, and definitely less coifed Wonder Woman. Now, I grew up loving Wonder Woman but, as an adult, her powers seem less than stellar. Sure, she could knock a few bullets out of the way but basically she could make you tell the truth. Do you ever think that if she put the lasso on herself she would say "This power is disappointing" (I would say sucks but Diana Prince would never say that). So truth...huh? The truth is that I am twenty-four days into this experiment and I still have the same questions. Why didn't I succeed at my chosen career? If it's my calling why am I here asking these very questions? If it's not my calling, why does it haunt me? Why can't I let go? Especially in light of my two fabulous kids and husband? So questions, questions, questions... Maybe that lasso would be helpful right about now. Oh and when my son looks at me with the sweetest, most innocent chocolate eyes and says that his sister did it.


Claudya Martinez said...

Depends on how you measure success. Your husband and kids aren't meant to be everything and your wanting something else takes nothing away from them.

Traci said...

Thanks,UM. You probably understand my situation better than most. I guess part of this process is defining my success and balancing it all. :-)