Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day Twenty - Three

On to Challenge Number Two -- read a book that I have already bought. Unfortunately, there was a wealth of options for this one (makes me suspect that my husband was the anonymous poster that suggested it). I spent sometime, however, considering what book was worthy of such a challenge. Should I go with the unread classic that continues to haunt me? Should I read one of the many self-help books that seemingy don't help by simply gathering dust on the shelf? Or should I indulge in pure pulp?

Well, the winner is...(Drum roll please) none of the above. I found a biography of the late, great goddess Bette Davis called "Dark Victory". I think right now I could benefit from a little inspiration from one determined grande dame. I could use a little grandess and daminess in my life. Couldn't everyone?

So, I'l keep you posted on the book.


Anonymous said...

Volunteer once a week (for 10 weeks) at a local shelter or soup kitchen

Traci said...

What a wonderful suggestion. Thank you, anonymous. I will add that to the list and commit to ten weeks of volunteering. I can think of few better opportunities to grow personally than helping others.